set of 'Interface' -  discussing camera shots and tracking markers
vfx set supervisor
Shooting footage on set which are ready to be used for visual effects can be a daunting task. This is where a supervisor comes in. I will work with the cinematographer and director to go things smoothly on set as possible. Making sure the shots can be camera tracked, the colors and lighting are consistent between the footage and effects and solving problems that may arise on set. 

Visual Effects
If you need visual effects for a feature film, short film or a video installation, I may be able to help. From 'greenscreen' shots and set extensions to explosions and forcefields, nothing is impossible in the world visual effects.

Animation is excellent for creative freedom in film and commercials. Because of this freedom it is important to know what you want. I will be able to guide you through the process for small productions. From concept art and storyboards to rough animations and then finally the end product.

set of 'Gliese 581' - creating the effect of weightlessness with fishing wire
about me
My name is Robin and i'm a freelancer in Visual Effects and Animation. I started playing around in compter graphics when I was about twelve years old. My older brother brought a demo of 3D Studio Max R3 (the latest version at that time) and I was sold. There was nothing I could not do. I decided to make this my profession. I studied Multimedia Design at the Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht and then I had my bachelor degree Computer Animation and Visual Effects at The School of Arts in Utrecht.